OptiView Mast

Available through Western Equipment!

"62 per cent of respondents named operator visibility as the most critical factor in their truck buying decision...operators rely on their vision to gather 90% of the information needed to carry out a task. It’s hardly surprising, then, that visibility issues play a role in more than 80% of forklift truck-related accidents. Statistics suggest that as many as two thirds of forklift accidents kill or injure someone who was not driving the truck at the time – meaning that anyone visiting or working at a business which uses a forklift truck could be at risk of injury... or worse. Falling loads are a leading cause of fatalities involving forklift trucks – accounting for more than 40% of deaths – according to a 20-year accident study.”
"Every accident is a personal and commercial tragedy, which is why the subject of visibility is high on 
the industry's agenda."
(Forklift Briefing, 2018)
With the OptiView Mast, there is no questioning how close you are to danger because of the innovation UniCarriers uses to ensure optimal visibility for the operator.
UniCarriers OptiView is known across the world for it's innovation of safety and ease on sore eyes, and body.
No more tilted heads and squinting eyes to see whats rights under your nose!
The OptiView Mast allows a clear mind and calm nerves with it's patented side cylinders that eliminate the need for a mast's middle lifting cylinder.
EVERYONE, even our competitors, love the OptiView Mast!
"When customers asked for a forklift with optimized visibility, UniCarriers developed the OptiView® mast to provide clear sightlines for confident travel."
(Boss Magazine, 2018)
"The forklift driver has the optimum view of executed maneuvers; an improvement in productivity and a minimization of the risk of damage to the load are thus made possible."
(OpenPR, 2017)